Be part of “Building The Stack!” Alongside the MIT Bitcoin Expo, this year’s hackathon focuses on building out the components of a blockchain stack so we can expand the technology’s usefulness and increase adoption. The hackathon will bring together students for a weekend of coding, learning, experimenting, and collaborating. The hackathon is co-located with the Bitcoin Expo and MIT Press’ inaugural Cryptoeconomic Systems Conference, so you’ll also get to meet and hear from the people at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency development. 

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Usability/User Experience: Make blockchain and crypto easier to use. Projects examples include wallets, key management, front end design for dApps.

dApps/DeFi: Create apps that make end-users want to adopt blockchain such as decentralized finance, social media apps, enterprise-focused apps.

SDKs: Build APIs and other tools to connect existing apps and languages into blockchains.

Infrastructure: Projects include anything that helps blockchains run better or more efficiently, cross-chain interoperability, privacy, etc.


Any university student or professional who is at least 18 years old may participate.

All hackers must sign the liability waiver before the hackathon. Any participant without a signed waiver will not be allowed to hack.


Submissions should include the project description (approximately 200 words), screen shots, and a link to a GitHub code repository.

Hackathon Sponsors


$16,675 in prizes

Grand Prize

The team with the best project across all submissions will win the $4,000 Grand Prize, divided equally among all team members. The Grand Prize is awarded to a separate team than the track prize winners.

Usability Track Prize

The team that delivers the best project in the usability track will win this $2,500 prize, split equally among all team members.

dApp and DeFi Track Prize

The team that delivers the best project in the dApp and DeFi track will be awarded $2,500, split equally among all team members.

SDK Track Prize

The SDK track prize of $2,500 will go to the team that creates the best SDK project. The prize will be split equally among all team members.

Infrastructure Track Prize

The team that builds the best project in the Infrastructure Track will win $2,500, split equally among all team members.

Celo Sponsor Challenge Prize

Sponsor Celo will feature the winning project for their challenge on Celo's app gallery

Sia Sponsor Challenge Prize

Sponsor Sia will award 250,000 SC (estimated value: $675) to the team that has the best Skynet integration in their hack. The SC will be split equally among all team members.

Nervos Sponsor Challenge Prize

Sponsor Nervos will award $1,000 to the team that wins the Nervos challenge, split equally among all team members.

MIT Bitcoin Club Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Neha Narula

Neha Narula

Tadge Dryja

Tadge Dryja

Alex Coventry

Alex Coventry

Emily Williams

Emily Williams
Level K

Erick Pinos

Erick Pinos

Judy Piper

Judy Piper

David Vorick

David Vorick

James Prestwich

James Prestwich

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
  • Relevance
  • Execution
  • Presentation Delivery

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